The Albany Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators is a non-profit organization composed of management professionals from private law firms, government agencies and college and university legal departments in the Capital District of New York State and the Berkshire Region of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Chapter was founded in May 1987 by a small group of law firm managers looking for professional growth, to strengthen their skills and abilities, to enhance the profession and to provide support and assistance to each other. While the Chapter has grown from that beginning and currently has 45 members, the Chapter's founding principles are deeply rooted and continue to guide the Chapter. In fact, several of the Chapter's charter members are still in the profession and active in the Chapter. Several other charter members are employed in law firms in other capacities.

In addition to the numerous National member benefits and in keeping with our founding principles, the Chapter engages in a wide variety of activities for its members, including but not limited to:

  • Holding monthly meetings with speakers on topics of interest to the members.
  • Having roundtable discussions on topics selected by the members.
  • Conducting an annual survey of Salary and Benefits on attorney and staff positions in the Capital District.
  • Maintaining an e-mail exchange where members can post an issue and receive the benefit of other members' experience.
  • Sponsoring social events throughout the year for the members.
  • Awarding scholarships to ALA’s national and regional educational conferences.
  • In conjunction with a local law school, sponsoring a vendor expo and educational conference for attorneys and legal administrators in the Capital Region.
  • Annually, having a Managing Partners Dinner with nationally known speakers.
  • In keeping with the spirit of ALA’s Community Challenge Weekend, sponsoring a charitable fundraising event in which the members can participate.
  • Providing support, encouragement and assistance to any member in need.
  • Establishing relationships with vendors that are recommended by the membership and securing discounts from those vendors for products and services.

Since its founding, the Chapter has always been led by members who have dedicated their time and talents for the betterment of the Chapter and the benefit of the membership. Listed below are those dedicated individuals who have served as Chapter presidents:

1987/1988 Elinor M. White
1988/1989 Dale B. Steenburgh
1989/1990 Mary Ann Willetts
1990/1991 Nancy J. Nolan
1992 John E. Hubbard
1993 Margaret C. Mastromarchi
1994 Joan M. Trunko
1995 Ann Marie Rose
1996 Ann Marie Rose
1997 Jorge L. Valero
1998/1999 Linda M. Seibert
1999/2000 Eileen F. Lang
2000/2001 Cheri Terzian
2001/2002 Mary E. Lawson
2002/2003 Sandra Sherman
2003/2004 Joanne Rafferty
2004/2005 Jorge L. Valero
2005/2006 Jorge L. Valero
2006/2007 Cheri Terzian
2007/2008 Mary E. Lawson
2008/2009 Michele Woods
2009/2010 Eileen Lang
2010/2011 Cheri Terzian
2011/2012 Eileen Lang
2012/2013 Sue Weidman
2013/2014 Linda Haskell
2014/2015 Nicole Banagan
2015/2016 Robyn Churchill
2016/2017 Scott Adelmann
2017/2018 Lisa Thomas
2018/2019 Sarah Caciola
2019/2020 Sue Weidman
2020/2021  Richard Lauricella
2021/2022  Cheri Bardin
2022/2023 Cathie Wright


For information on joining ALA and the Albany Chapter please see the Join section of this website or contact the Chapter.